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ADD, known as ADHD
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I've had a lot of letters in the past few months, and it seems everyone acknowledges ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder) never ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I'm here to tell you that there's no such thing as ADD any more, because you can't have one without the other. I know this from experience, and also from the many doctors that my son has encountered. I have also told my doctor of all the letters I have received and he has told me to do this page, and let all the families know that if a person has ADD, they must have some hyperactivity as well, therefore they have ADHD.

Many families that have written to me are so confused about the two. Many doctors never seem to know wether to diagnose a child with ADD or ADHD. That makes it terribly frustrating for the families of children with a disorder like this. Most of my mail comes from the USA, and I know rules and regulations are much different there than here in Canada, but the people who write me know I'm from Canada, and yet they still are asking me for help dealing with their ADHD children. I'm very grateful for the responses people have shown me, and to ask for my help is very flattering.

I'm here to let you know there are many doctors who diagnose children improperly, and if you have any doubts about what your doctor says, please write me, and I will try and give you a correct answer. In Troy's lifetime (11 years so far) we've encountered many quacks that couldn't tell the difference between the Flu and ADHD. Something inside me told me these doctors were wrong, and thank God I listened to my instincts, and sought a second (and sometimes third or fourth) opinion. Some of the doctors simply wanted to prescribe more drugs, and more powerful drugs (like Ritalin) to turn Troy into a Zombie. Been there, done that, (got the T-Shirt) nevermore.

After 9 years of pain and torture I finally found a doctor who cares about the children, not the drugs. ( His website is under construction right now, but he is the most faithful and honest doctor I've ever encountered. I urge every mother and father, for the sake of your child, to go with your instincts. Let the doctor know that you feel something is wrong, and get another opinion. With the right diet, (and sometimes medication) an ADHD child can grow and learn normally, not so if he/she is drugged so heavily they can't concentrate, show any emotion, or even eat and sleep properly. Having a child dosed with medication to make them compliant is not the way to help them. Understanding, patience, (loads of patience!) diet, and lots of love can help the child be more productive, get along with others better, learn more, and just be happier than any zombie, overdosed on amphetamines. Don't let anyone treat your child like an outsider, shunned because of social differences or attitudes. Troy does everything a normal child does, and goes everywhere we do. If someone looks at Troy differently than us, I immediately let them know how displeased I am by verbally biting their head's off.

Strange though it may be, everyone has a little ADHD. For most of us it's so small, that we don't even notice, but for some it's a life-destroying condition.

Be an advocate for your child. They often can't stick up for themselves (like Troy), and you must be their voice, their ego, their strength in a world that still would like to hide them in a closet.

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