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  My Biological Mother
Mom's pet name for me, "Susie".
  Sue meets her mother, Troy's grandmother for the first time in 30 years.

When I was 4 years old my mother left our family. All these years past, I didn't know where she was, or even if she was alive. For the longest time I hated my mother for abandoning us. Below is the letter I received June 13th.

At that time, my father was in the Army and travelled a lot, so we (my sister and I) were shuffled around from orphanages to acquaintances, family friends, and relatives. This continued for over 3 years. At the age of 7 we went to live with our Aunt Bernice, who cared for us for 5 years. By this time my father had quit the Army, and remarried. We went back to live with dad until I was 16, when my stepmother kicked me out of the house while my dad was out on the road selling in his new job. From that point I tried looking for my mother, but didn't know where to begin. My dad told me he thought she was still living in Ontario somewhere. I searched for a couple of years on my own, with no luck.

Monday June 7, my father phoned and told me he had seen an obituary in the newspaper for my grandfather. From this we found my mother's new last name, and where she lived. She had remarried, and was living in Sudbury Ontario. I decided I would phone her, and give her a piece of my mind.

I phoned my mom later that same afternoon. The first thing I said was "This is your first-born daughter". Immediately she replied, "Suzie?". Then I cried. I asked her lots of questions about why she left us, and she told me that she was young and foolish at that time, and had been looking for my sister and I for quite a few years. While talking to mom, I accepted the fact that we all make mistakes, and maybe she deserves a second chance. I know now that my mom really does love us.

Dear Suzie,

Got your letter today, I read it. Sorry you had a hard time sweetheart, I wish I could have been there! I looked for years for the two of you. Nobody would tell me anything, not even my own mother. But now that I know where you are I'm not letting go. My life has been pretty good since I moved to Sudbury and married Leo in 1991. Dad gave me his 1985 Buick LeSabre almost 3 years ago. I said to him if he decided to sell it I would buy it, he told me it was mine for nothing. Your family looks very nice honey, can't wait to meet them. I hope Jim treats you like gold. I am so grateful for your dad letting you know where I was. Me, I didn't have a bad life all these years but a part of my heart was missing not knowing where you and Debra were. A big part of it is closed now that I have found you all, all we need is Debra. You are so nice looking. I hate having my picture taken, these are the best I could find. Pretty soon we'll get all dressed up and send you a nice one. I look so fat and have lost a bit of weight. Sweetheart, I'm not much for letter writing. Next one will be longer. Will call you next week on the phone. Give the kids a big hug and kiss for me from grandma. And a great big hug and kiss for you from mom. I love you honey so very much. Love to your whole family. Please write soon and phone, I know I will.

p.s. Love the picture you sent me

Lots of love sweetheart, Mom

For the first time in over 30 years I will be seeing my mom. She and her husband Leo will be coming out to visit in August.

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