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Peergroup and Classmates

Troy must be around adults all the time. As for children his own age, he really has no desire to interact with them at all. Why he chooses adults over his peers, I really don't know. The only peer he will deal with at all is his sister Shyann. This is changing as he gets older. He is now able to play with some other children his own age.

  Medication and Treatment

For 10 years Troy was on no medication at all. I was always afraid of the possible side effects, and that terrified me, but I knew it was time to try something. I found a great doctor who is honest and sincere, he knew I was against Ritalin, and respected my wishes. He prescribed Risperdal and Dexedrine for Troy to help control his attention span, hyperactivity, and temperamental outbursts. The only side effect from these medications is that Troy's appetite has risen. In Troy's case, these drugs did not work. Clonidine is another drug used in treatment of ADHD. It did work for Troy, although in customized dosages. These drugs did NOT harm my son, nor your's in any way.

Please visit the What's New page for updated information on Troy's medications!

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